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The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks
There was a strange man in Perry’s bathtub He was wearing a sports coat a rather ugly sports coat And he was dead. Perry, who had just spent the most painful and humiliating twentyfour hours of his life, and had driven over an hour from the airport in blinding rain to reach the relative peace and pr
Edited by Nicole Kimberling and J. D Hope Cover Art by Sam Dawson Art Direction Dawn Kimberling This book is a work of fiction and as such all characters and situations are fictional Any resemblances to actual people or events are coincidental. First Edition March 2012 Copyright 2012 Nicole Kimberli
Death of a Pirate King
It was not my kind of party. Sure, some people might think the dead guy made it my kind of party, but that wouldn’t be a fair assessment of my entertainment needs or my social calendar I mean, it had been a good two years since I’d last been involved in a murder investigation. I sell books for a liv
Winter Kill
Clever and ambitious, Special Agent Adam Darling (yeah, he’s heard all the jokes before) was on the fast track to promotion and success until his mishandling of a high profile operation left one person dead and Adam “ On the Beach. ” Now he’s got a new partner, a new case, and a new chance to resurr
Fair Game
By Josh Lanyon A crippling knee injury forced Elliot Mills to trade in his FBI badge for dusty chalkboards and bored college students Now a history professor at Puget Sound university, the former agent has put his old life behind him—but it seems his old life isn’t finished with him. A young man has
The Hell Yo
dead, business establishments, events, or locales is entirely coincidental. this ebook may be reproduced or shared in any form, including, but not limited to printing, ISBN 9781596325821death the toll, with this hex I curse your soul So mote it be. ”lenses of the John Lennon specs his eyes were terr
Cards on the Table
The card was wedged under the brass 17 on my apartment door when I got back from my morning swim For what felt like a long time I stood dripping on the welcome mat, staring at the slightly crooked number and the colored rectangle beneath A tarot card. Finally, I removed the card, examined it A castl
Snowball in Hell
« Hell of a thing,» Jonesy said for the third time. And Matt agreed It was a hell of a thing He turned his gaze from the gaggle of reporters smoking and talking beside the grouping of snarling cement sabertooth tigers, and returned his attention to the sticky, bedraggled corpse currently watching th
Mummy Dearest
Dedication To the Facebook gang You know who you are—and so, happily, do I. Chapter One There’s a fine line between coincidence and fate. I know what you’re thinking, but there are worse places you could wind up, I guess, including—according to legend—as fuel for the locomotive fires upon which some
A Limited Engagement
By Josh Lanyon I heard the key in the lock, switched on the porch light, and opened the door. The rain poured off the roof of the cabin in a shining fall of silver needles, bouncing and splashing off the redwood deck Ross stood there, blue eyes blacker than the night, the amber porch light giving hi
Because of The Brave
Which is why you're alone in a room full of complete strangers for the holiday instead of spending it with someone. Regret mellowed to resignation that mixed with a touch of lingering anger with himself Whiner Suck it up, Crosby! Spending the holiday here alone is better than spending it in the emer
Stranger on the Shore
But not everyone is happy about Griff’s presence Relatives and staff alike regard him coldly, including Pierce Mather, the Arlingtons’ attractive lawyer, who is more than a little wary of Griff’s motives. When a stranger shows up claiming to be the longlost Brian, Griff and Pierce are united in thei
The Dark Horse
So now we were finding out what happened after the screen faded to black and the final credits rolled. Mrs Wiggly was blowing her police whistle like a crime was in progress The fur ball ignored her, barking shrilly, plumy tail waving frantically as he stood at the steps of the deck. I tossed a saus