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The Callsign
Dear Reader, Thanks so much for purchasing The Callsign, my first ebook short story Every Special Operations unit has a history that's unique, along with an evolution that's not necessarily all honey and rainbows I thought it would be fun to delve into the Taskforce at its creation and get a brief g
Black Flag
The Princess Bride Pirates of the Caribbean The Widow’s Strike Best regards, Brad Taylor I continued down Coleman Boulevard, listening to the hum of the rubber against the pavement, the only enclosure on the vehicle being a bikini top from the windshield to the roll bar I said, “ Seems okay. ” By th
Gut Instinct: A Taskforce Story
Gut Instinct All Necessary Force Best regards, Brad Taylor She was starting to believe that the government was going to use him as a sacrificial lamb and had felt relief hearing his voice Initially sure that the men in the upper echelons would do what was right, she’d grown worried that they would p